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Policies relating to your appointments

Your electrolysis treatments are reserved especially for you!​

To cancel or reschedule your appointment:

  • Please call/text Sandra on her direct cell 24/7 at 913-645-0455.

  • OR if you have a login with Sandra's Vagaro booking software, you may manage your appointments online up to 24 hours before your appointment.​ After 24 hours, call/text.

  • Kindly, refrain from cancelling appointments via email,
    as emails will not be seen in a timely manner.

Appointment reminders

1st courtesy reminder

 You will receive an automated confirmation via text/email 3-days before your appointment. Please respond to confirm you plan to attend.​

2nd courtesy reminder

You will receive another automated text/email reminder 24-hours before your appointment.  No response required.

No reminder received?

If you believe you have an appointment but did not get a reminder, please contact immediately by call/text.

Day of appointment cancellation

Unanticipated emergencies occasionally occur in everyone’s life ...
Family or work issues, car problems, inclement weather illness, etc.

In an attempt to be fair to all, including

those who are cancelling the day of the appointment for whatever reason,
to those on the wait list,

and to those who call the day of hoping to get in, and

 out of consideration of my time, the following applies:

  • If you have an unforeseen need to cancel or reschedule the day of your appointment, kindly call/text 24/7 via @913-645-0455 since we do maintain a list of clients needing in. You will receive a response back that we received your cancellation.

  • The long-standing tradition of not charging clients for occasional day of appointment cancellations will continue.​​

  • For clients who cancel on the day of their appointment more than occasionally, it is customary to offer compensation for the scheduled time.

  • True abuse of time will be addressed on an individual basis and will likely result in dismissal.

No-showing your appointment

What is a no-show?

​An appointment "no-show" occurs when a scheduled client fails to arrive for their appointment AND does not make prior contact to cancel or reschedule their appointment. 

Avoid no-showing

You must notify via call/text ahead of your appointment that you cannot come. Do not email. You will receive a response back that your cancellation was received.

If you no-show ...

if you no-show, then payment may be expected at your next appointment.

Repeated no-shows will result in dismissal from the practice.

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