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Thank you for your interest in my services for your permanent hair removal needs.

Due to over-whelming demand, I am unable to take on new clients at this time. However, you can join my "Wait List" by completing the form on this page.

Rest assured that once I am able to accommodate new clients, I will resume new client consultations. My goal is to provide you with the knowledge and support necessary to make informed decisions about your hair removal process.


I will invite you to explore the transformative possibilities of electrolysis with me. Whether you're a first-time client or someone looking for a new electrolysis professional, I'm dedicated to helping you achieve the smooth, hair-free skin you desire.

Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to working with you to aid you on this journey toward a radiant, confident and hair-free you!


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Thanks for submitting!

 For A Best Electrolysis Experience Follow These Tips


Enhance your treatment experience by arriving early

Rushing induces adrenaline and stress, hindering relaxation and potentially impacting the comfort of your treatment. Arriving a bit early provides a buffer, allowing you to ease into the session and even visit the restroom beforehand for added comfort. Your punctuality is appreciated by your electrologist, ensuring a smoother and more effective treatment.


Clean skin releases unwanted hair more easily

Removing your makeup for face or deodorant for underarms prior to treatment allows for clean and accessible hair which helps the electrologist to work efficiently and with greater precision saving precious treatment time.


   Drink, water, water, water ...

     Drink plenty of water the day before and on the day of your treatment. Well-hydrated tissues surrounding the hair follicles helps          the hairs to release better, providing a more comfortable and efficient experience. Steer clear of caffeine and other dehydrating         beverages the night before and on the day of your appointment to maximize the benefits of hydration for your treatment.


Arrive with sufficient hair length

Hair which is too short takes up valuable treatment time and compromises accuracy. Also, blond or white hairs may need to be slightly longer if your skin is light complexioned


The interval between treatments is important

Unwanted hair grows in cycles. For the best permanency results, follow your electrologists advice for the time interval between treatments. Skipped treatments usually interfere with your results.


Freshly treated skin sunburns readily

Recommended to wear sunscreen or stay out of the sun for 48 hours after treatment to help limit possible hyperpigmentation.


Education, Professional Service & Awards

Take care with freshly treated skin

Resist the urge to touch, rub, scratch or pick at freshly treated skin.



Please stop tweezing in-between appointments 

"Only tweeze the hairs you want to keep." The hair may be trimmed if you prefer but must be present and have a few days growth to be treated. A tweezed hair takes a number of weeks for the replacement hair to appear from that same follicle which interrupts the speed of your progress. 


If you are shaving or trimming ...

You may continue to shave or trim. Shaving does not make the hairs larger in diameter but instead cuts off the natural tapered end of the hair that every new hair grows in with. Please provide a few days growth.


Be Patient

Permanency is achieved when all germinative cells within the follicle are destroyed. The skill of the practitioner and the commitment of the client is paramount to the success of the treatments.

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