Electrolysis Eliminates Unwanted Hair

You can permanently be rid of unwanted hair. Your best, AND ONLY, method to remove of unwanted hair permanently is ELECTROLYSIS. It is MORE than you think. Sandra's passion for excellence as well as advances in technology and treatment protocols have enhanced the overall experience. You can permanently be rid of Unwanted Hair.  Your best method to remove unwanted hair permanently is ELECTROLYSIS!


Consider the ways Electrolysis can enhace your appearance:

  • Some women have Chin, Cheek, and/or Upper Lip hair so obivous that they must shave or tweeze every day. Don't live with it when you can be hair free.
  • Many women must frequently tweeze and wax to maintain the preferred Eyebrow shape. Choose electrolysis to a permanent solution.
  • Does your Forehead hair extend nearly to your eyebrows? Do you hate your Widow's Peak? Does you Nape hairline need to be more defined.
  • Permanently removing Underarm hair is very freeing.
  • Does excess hair on your Wrists and Arms keep you in long sleeves?
  • Are finger and toe hair an unsighly nuisance?
  • Did you know it is very common for women to have Breast and Abdomen hair? Let electrolysis change your life!
  • Razor rash and ingrown hairs are often common problem with the Bikini Line area. Solve the prolem with electrolysis.


Sandra Schallenberg, LE, CPE, CME sets herself apart by her professionalism and by her passion to offer clients the best in permanent epilation. You can be confident, knowing you are in the hands of a true professional, using the most modern technology and equipment.

Electrolysis Rates

Effective 6.1.2023

Looking for Individual Advice?

Free Consultation

  • pertinent to your treatment success
  • depth and length of the consult customized to you
  • your options will be explained
  • all new-to me clients will receive an consullt 

10 min Electrolysis Treatment

Ideal for a few random hairs that cycle thru.

15 min Electrolysis Treatment

Fortunate enough to need a clean-up of a small area

20 min Electrolysis Treatment

Reducing treatment time due to progress or adding an additional area.

30 min Electrolysis Treatment

A sought-after time slot.

45 min Electrolysis Treatment

Making progress on a large treatment area?

1 hour session

Provides value for a large area or significant density.

1 hr 15 min session

Provides value for a large area or significant density.

1 hr 30 min session

Provides value for a larger area or significant density

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